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Hello Everyone! Hope everyone has had a good weekend. My name is Vani and I am a Director at StartupMalaysia.org (www.startupmalaysia.org) an organisation that is based in Malaysia.

I currently live in Perth, Australia. I am also a Masters in Communication student at Deakin University. I am currently doing 2 units that are very relevant to the work at our organisation-ALC 701, Social Media Principles and Practices and ALR 701-Public Relations Writing and Tactics.

I have started this site with several purposes in mind. One is of course that this is a requirement of my ALC701 unit. The other reason is to use this as an opportunity to share my learnings with other members of my team so they too can gain new techniques and resources to apply in their daily work. I believe they will join me in collaborating on this blog by sharing their on the ground experiences as we roll out some of our new approaches to our ongoing campaign to increase engagement across our various communities from our various programs. Will it work? Only time will tell.

Personally, the ALC701 unit has so far been one of a steep learning curve for me. From being a “Social Media=Facebook” user I have had to take a leap of faith and explore several other platforms such as About.me, Twitter, Periscope, Powtoon, Zoom and WordPress and I am sure the list will grow by the time I finish this unit. I hope to keep this going beyond the unit so that it can be a common learning space for the team so we can all increase our knowledge base together.


That’s it from me for now.

Author: Vani Mahadevan

I am a Wife, Mother, Student, Accountant, Entrepreneur, Traveller, Reader and Young at heart 50 year old (not necessarily in any particular order!)

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